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SinglePoint Design Build Inc. is a Design Build General Contractor. Design Build is a type of project delivery that puts the designers and contractors on the same team. This is advantageous because it keeps the designers from designing a project that is not build-able or too expensive. And, it engages the contractor early so they understand the essence of the design while establishing the budget. In this scenario, both the designer and the contractor are acting as checks and balances for each other while the final design and budget are developed.

Material Selection Assistance is a service we offer our clients that makes the construction phase go much smoother. On many projects the finishes are not fully decided upon until after the project is underway. This can be problematic for several reasons.

1. There can be delays if a product is back ordered or requires additional preparation in order to work properly within the project.

2. There are added budgetary unknowns when the projects starts.

If a product is not specified before work starts we use a place holder in the budget called and Allowance. While Allowances are common it does mean that the final price for the job may go up or down. It is our preference to have these things decided upon early so there are no surprises.

In order to assist our clients with these decisions, we help organize the many choices that are needed, provide samples, drawings, and take clients to showrooms.

Permit Coordination is another service that we offer our clients. We have extensive experience dealing with the various jurisdictions in our area and are happy to help our client’s navigate the sometimes intimidating permit process.

Value Engineering is a way to maintain over-all design direction while reducing the project cost. While we prefer to work under the Design Build delivery method we often work with a clients’ design that was developed by another design team. Sometimes during this process we are asked to find ways to save dollars by changing the scope of work while keeping the overall design of the project. With our design background we are sensitive to the value great design brings to a property but also have the experience to carefully offer alternatives to save money.

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